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BDSM Checklist for Henri Toulon

Adapted from this checklist.

Where it says "Yes/No" = means whether you've engaged in that type of activity before. Put "Y" for yes or "N" for no.

Rating scale for checklist:
0 = Don't ever ask me to do this. (HARD limit)
1 = I don't want to do this activity, but if it's important to my partner I can be persuaded. (soft limit)
2 = I'm not interested in this activity, but wouldn't object if it was asked of me.
3 = I'm willing to do this activity, but it has no real appeal for me.
4 = I usually like doing this activity, at least on an occasional basis.
5 = I love doing this activity, and would like to experience it on a regular basis.
6 = I love this activity, it makes me "hot", and would like it as often as possible.

Note1. Some of these may fall under a few categories (example: Blindolds can be Humiliation & mental bondage)
Note2. Some of these could be used for health reasons too (example forced exercising)

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT (Assuming all items used on Submissive)

Y/N  #  Activity
Y1Cane (leather)
Y1Cane (plastic)
Y1Cat (braided)
Y1Cat (no knots)
Y4Leather Paddle
Y2Wooden Hair Brush
Y2Wooden Paddle


Y/N  #  Activity
Y2Treat submissive as objects (cars, furniture, etc)
Y5Arresting officer
N0Parent of Baby
Y5Burglar Attack
Y3Call Girl's John
Y5Interrogation Scene
Y5Kidnap Scene
N0Older man with little girl
Y5Maid's Master
N0Medical Scene
Y3With a Nun
Y4Rape Scene (one)
N0Rape Scene (multiple)
N1Pet Owner
N1Pony Girl's Master
Y4Secretary's Boss
N0With Teenager


Y/N  #  Activity
Y1Treat submissive as objects (furniture, etc)
N0Age Play
N0Bathroom use control
N0Bathroom use in front of others
Y2Receive Boot worship
Y4Have submissive crawl on 4's
N1Submissive cross Dressing
Y2Curse words (Whore, Slut, etc)
Y4Make submissive curtsy in public
Y4Choose submissive's food
Y4Choose submissive's clothes
N0Administer enema
Y2Eye contact restrictions
Y2Receive Foot worship
N0Force Cross dressing
Y4Force dressing
Y2Force exercising
Y5Force nudity
Y6Force masturbation
N0Force prostitution (pretend)
N4Force slave auction
N5Force to be a slave
N5Force to wear a leash
N2Force to wear see thru clothes
N0Golden shower
Y3Harem Master
Y4Make submissive wear hood
Y6Make submissive kneel
Y5Receive maid services
Y3Restrictive Mask on submissive
N0Pet roles (make submissive act like a dog, cat, etc)
N0Pet play (force sex w/pet)
N0Scat Play
Y3Scolding submissive
Y1Spitting in submissive's face
N0Have submissive serve as ashtray
N0Have submissive serve as toilet
Y4Have submissive serve as waitress
Y4Have submissive serve others (supervised)
N3Have submissive serve others (unsupervised)
N0Shave submissive's head
N3Shave submissive's body hair
Y5Shave submissive's pubic hair
N1Slap submissive's face
Y5Spanking (public)
Y3Speech restriction
Y1Have submissive stand in corner
N0Have submissive suck pacifier
N0Have submissive swallow urine
Y5Take Pictures (*personal use only, never distributed)
Y5Take Video (*personal use only, never distributed)
Y3Verbal Abuse
Y5Have submissive wear Collar everywhere
N0Have submissive wear Diapers
Y2Write on submissive's body (slut, sissy, worthless, etc.)

BONDAGE (Assuming all items used on Submissive)

Y/N  #  Activity
Y5Arm Sleeves
Y4Breast bondage
Y3Chastity Belts
Y4Genital bondage
Y5Immobilization (short time)
Y3Immobilization (long time)
Y2Inside a closet
N1Inside a coffin
N1Katherine wheel
Y6Leather cuffs
Y6Leather restraints
Y4Leg Sleeves
N1Mortuary bag
Y5Mouth bits
Y4Nipple Clamps
Y3Saran wrapping
Y3Sleeping bag
Y6Spreader bar
Y5Steel cuffs
Y5Steel restraints
Y3Straight jacket
Y3Suspension (regular)
Y3Suspension (up-side down)
Y3Suspension (horizontal)
Y5Tie submissive to a cross


Y/N  #  Activity
Y4Abrasion (* I like to be scratched.)
Y2Clothes Pins
Y4Electric (violet wand)
Y4Electric (muscle stimulant unit)
N1Face slapping
N0Flesh Hooks
N1Gang Rape scenes
Y1Genital (weights)
Y1Genital (cloth pins)
N0Genital (pins/needles)
Y5Genital (rope)
Y1Genital (vise)
N1Genital whipping
N1Gun Play
Y4Hair Pulling
Y3Hot wax
N1Fire and Ice (same time)
N1Knife play
N0Medical scenes
Y4Rape Fantasy
N1Slap Face
N0Sleep deprivation
Y4TENS units
Y3Tit (weights)
Y3Tit (cloth pins)
N0Tit (pins/needles)
N1Tit (rope)
Y2Tit (vise)
Y2Torture rack
Y2Water torture


Y/N  #  Activity
N0Dominant wears corsets
N0Dominant as French maid
N0Dominant as Child/Baby
N0Dominant in High Heels
Y6Dominant in Leather
N0Dominant in Lingerie
Y5Dominant in a mask
Y4Dominant in PVC
Y4Dominant in Rubber
Y3Dominant in Spandex
Y5Dominant in Uniforms
Y5Dominant in Victorian
Y6Submissive wears corsets
Y5Submissive as French maid
N0Submissive as Child/Baby
Y5Submissive in High Heels
Y5Submissive in Leather
Y6Submissive in Lingerie
Y4Submissive in a Mask
Y4Submissive in PVC
Y4Submissive in Rubber
Y4Submissive in Slutty clothing
Y4Submissive in Spandex
Y4Submissive in Uniforms
Y5Submissive in Victorian


Y/N  #  Activity
Y4Anal (giving)
Y4Anal beads (in submissive)
Y4Anal plugs (small) (in submissive)
Y3Anal plugs (large) (in submissive)
Y2Anal fisting (in submissive)
Y4Anal (vibrator/dildo) (in submissive)
Y4Ben-wa balls (in submissive)
Y3Chastity Belt (on submissive)
Y6Cock Worship (Received)
N0Force bi-sexuality for submissive
Y6Hand jobs/Fingering (giving)
Y6Hand jobs (receiving)
Y4Orgy (more then 3)
Y6Oral sex (giving)
Y6Oral sex (receiving)
Y6Orgasm Control
Y5Orgasm Denial
Y6Phone sex (voluntary)
N0Phone sex (force submissive to have it with others)
Y4Sexual denial (short term)
N1Sexual denial (long term)
Y4Sexual Double Penetration
Y5Have submissive swallow semen
Y6Vaginal sex
Y2Vaginal fisting
Y5Vaginal Toys
Y5Submissive receives Vaginal - Anal intercourse (same time)
Y5Voyeurism (watching submissive play w/others)
Y5Voyeurism (watching others play)


Write down any other role play activities not mentioned above, which you may be interested to try: I enjoy scenarios that involve me physically overpowering my submissive, with her actively resisting me. During those scenarios, there absolutely must be a safe-word in use, because "no" and "stop," and such words, will be used for dramatic purposes rather than as actual denials. I can get very rough during those games -- abduction/arrest/forced sex scenarios -- but I will never go past agreed limits. Also, I consider aftercare, and having the opportunity to treat my submissive gently and attentively, an important element of scening, especially if things get edgey. And this is going to sound a little odd, but I have a fetish for long hair, and I love to play with it, which may include wanting to wash, brush, or comb my submissive's hair.

At this stage, what do you feel are your absolute limits: I have no interest in engaging in "medical play," as it's too much like my "day job," and that's a line I'd rather not blur. Age play is also a hard limit for me because I used to be a pediatrician, and it's completely against how I view children and teens. Extremely violent acts, especially ones that cause permanent physical scarring, are repugnant to me.

Do you have any medical conditions and emotional concerns that I should know about? (if yes explain below): Not that I'm aware of.

Why and when did you get into the scene: I began exploring it when I was a college student. It's been almost twenty years now. It started out as curiosity and then I realized that it was a genuine need of mine.

What do you seek from your submissive: Most of all? Absolute obedience, and trust. And politeness, if that makes sense. Directness, and a willingness to negotiate and communicate, are extremely important as well.

What do you offer as a Dominant (emotionally and spiritually): I'm very protective of my submissive, and there's little I'll deny her if she asks me. (Within my means, anyway!) I have a great deal of experience with most acts, and know how to perform them safely. Although I think I might get jealous and/or angry if my submissive got involved with someone else without my knowledge/agreement, I'm pretty easy-going about sharing, so jealous tantrums are not something she'll have to worry about. And I never intrude further into her life than she's willing to have me.

OOC: A simple way to use these scores, in order to determine the types of activities that two characters will engage in together, is to add each character's score together with their prospective partner's score for the same item. If the combined score is 6 or less, the activity is one that they won't engage in together. It takes a minimum of 7 to result in an activity occurring.

(Why is that? Because if one of the two characters has a 0 score, signifying a hard limit, even a 6 from the other character can't contradict it. If they had a 1, signifying that they'll only do the activity if it's really important to their partner, it'll take a 6 from the other character to meet that requirement. Same with 2 and 5 -- one character is uninterested but the other is enthused -- and then 3 and 4 -- one character is neutral and the other character likes it.)

7 and 8 would be sporadic activities, not done all that often.
9 and 10 would be activities that occur regularly, but not constantly.
11 and 12 would be activities that occur on an almost constant basis and are generally ingredients of virtually every scene the characters play out.